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We help people in England and Wales with our divorce service.

A Divorce Negotiator is a trained specialist in Divorce. That means we work with both petitioner and respondent (P&R). We explain the requirements of the Court and the pitfalls to avoid.

We persuade and arbitrate to give balance to arguments, not to be biased but to prepare common ground

We mediate to effect a peaceful solution and continue to strive until done.

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What Our Clients Say:

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The process over all was painless and although I’m not really on speaking terms with my ex –wife I felt the divorce negotiator was a way of avoiding yet more hostile situation.

MC Apr 2014

How are we different from other divorce solicitors?
  • Your divorce negotiator will help you to come to decisions that you are both comfortable with
  • You will have one person to liaise with rather than office clerk so you get continuity in understanding your needs
  • We are available to you outside of your working hours, so you don’t have to take time off work
  • We believe that the traditional divorce approach creates a winners and losers philosophy and we help to remove this conflict to making it less stressful for you
  • We believe that children should not be stuck between fighting parents we help you to communicate openly
  • You can achieve a divorce without hostility helping you to maintain a family relationship in the future
  • We believe that your family assets should be shared fairly to enable you both to move forward to a happy future
  • We will help you to understand the legal terms and processes and to avoid unnecessary delays when completed incorrectly
Why choose divorce negotiators?
  • We are contactable seven days a week from 9am to 9pm
  • We will explain the process step-by-step using plain English, less legal jargon
  • We look to get the best for each party
  • We don’t cause any acrimonious problems
  • If your Spouse decides not to join us we can assist you as an individual ensuring that the other firm does not abuse the legal process
  • 99% of our clients give us 10/10 on our testimonials