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divorce negotiatorAre you worried about how the arrangements will work for the children?
I’m not going to tell you not to worry because that sounds patronising. But if I can, for a minute, try to alleviate some concerns.

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With years of experience in working with couples to ensure that the needs of their children are paramount, we have some really sensible solutions. Ideas that you may kick yourself for not thinking yourselves. But when you have a divorce pending, hanging over your head, it is really hard to think straight. So without sounding patronising… please don’t worry too much, we will do all we can to help you, your spouse and your children. If I asked you: Do you love your children? You would both say ‘yes’. Would you donate blood to your child? You would both say ‘yes’. Would you donate one of your kidneys? I bet you would say ‘yes’. And so this is why we are going to ensure that their love for you both continues to grow and that at NO TIME do your children feel like a piggy in the middle. That at no time are they going to be used as pawns. Disagreements about drop off times, pick up times can all be resolved so simply.


divorce negotiatorHave you wondered how splitting the house now or in the future will work for you both?
Even with my legal background, I was scared too. But please know you don’t have to split everything immediately.

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We can put actions together so that some things can be taken care of in the future with specific dates if necessary but drafted correctly, so each of you understand your obligation. And of course not forgetting the Judges approval.


divorce negotiatorDo you know how much you should be paying or receiving?
Why the Law cannot be made simpler is the 10 million dollar question, but we have to work with what we have. Actually when we cut it into bite size

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pieces, working out what is best for you both, what each of you need and what each of you can bring to the table, either now or in the future, it is not so scary – I promise you.


divorce negotiatorAre you entitled to a share of his/her pension?
Of course you are! We just need to calculate how much. It is not as straightforward (why would it be) this is the law again.

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but there is a way to calculate or to offset. So please don’t worry. But if you have only been married for 2 years and there has been a pension building for 20 years, please do not think you will be entitled to half of it. That really is not sensible.


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I am the happiest I have been in such a long time.
I really can't thank you enough for all you have done, I seriously don't think I would be where I am without your skills in my divorce.
I am always speaking highly of you as you must tread tricky water daily, a skill many may not realise.

TP June 2014

The process over all was painless and although I’m not really on speaking terms with my ex –wife I felt the divorce negotiator was a way of avoiding yet more hostile situation.

MC Apr 2014

Just to thank you again for your sensitivity and professionalism throughout this very difficult time.

BP Mar 2014

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divorce negotiatorDoes the length of time you were living together before you married count?
Just courting, more often than not, no. Unless you had shared assets. But in principle yes, if you were married

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for 15 years and had lived together for 5 before then we would be using the 20 years to calculate what each of you will see as a fair financial settlement.


divorce negotiatorAre you worried about what benefits you may be entitled to?
childmaintenanceWe are very lucky that we live in a society where benefits are available to us and therefore there are child tax credits,

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working tax credits, single parent benefit, help with housing and council tax. We just need to ask the right questions. But for couples on low income who really do not want to stay together anymore this might just be the short term answer and help to keep arguing about money to a minimum.


divorce negotiatorHave you sat at home wondering if your spouse is entitled to your assets before you were married?
Most probably you have and why not, most of you would. But this all very much depends

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on how you held those assets, before you were married. Everything can be worked out without fighting, if you only just know where to start.


Divorce Negotiator has always been very helpful, has always called when I have left a message. I think I didn’t understand the process through no fault of Carol’s. I would recommend Divorce Negotiator to all from family and friends

DA Mar 2014

I am pleased that we used your service. We are still talking and getting on. The whole idea of getting a divorce is frankly scary, but you helped us through it a step at a time. Thank you.

JW Jan 2014

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Did you know?

divorce negotiatorWe are contactable seven days a week from 9am to 9pm.
divorce negotiatorWe will explain the process step-by-step using plain English, less legal jargon.
divorce negotiatorWe look to get the best for each party.
divorce negotiatorWe don’t cause any acrimonious problems.
divorce negotiatorIf your Spouse decides not to join us we can assist you as an individual ensuring that the other firm does not abuse the legal process.
divorce negotiator99% of our clients give us 10/10 on our testimonials.

Why We Do What We Do

divorce negotiatorBecause the current legal system is not designed to help divorcing couples.
divorce negotiatorBecause you walked down the aisle of marriage together you should walk down the road of divorce together.
divorce negotiatorWe consider that you should be directed away from court not to the court.


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